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 Elunore's Character

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Name: Maro Hasegawa

Age, Birthday: 22 years old, January 28, 1991

Gender: Male

*Appearance: (hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, weight, height, clothes, etc. Picture optional) Asian, more on the pale side. Black hair which looks blue-ish in certain lighting. Dark blue eyes (hex code 000033) Very lean with some muscles. Typically wearing dark pants, long-sleeved top, and black jacket. He has sharp features and is considered a bit too severe looking to have traditional good looks.

*History: His parents died at a young age (age 8) because of a plague sweeping through his village, because he had no other relatives he was shipped to a government sponsored orphanage where he had to learn to fend for himself and his two younger sisters. His parents were a moderately wealthy family but once they died the government took hold of the funds and used them to "better the orphanage", leaving them with nothing. The orphanage was not a very good place for children, regardless of the fact it was made for them. Thievery, injury, and death from all causes were common. It did not help that many parents who had children they were unable to care for because of their violent tendencies were in this particular orphanage. Nevertheless, he tried to keep his sisters children as long as possible, babying them constantly and probably stunting their independence in the long run. When he was 14 he left the orphanage with his younger sisters and got a place in the capital city doing odd jobs in order to provide. He has kept an incredibly tight hold on his youngest sister her entire life due to her lack of powers. He wants to join the military but that would mean leaving his younger sister alone, so he'd rather remain poor and jobless.

Relatives: Parents: Kyo (father) (water) and Yuno (mother) (water) Hasegawa. Younger sisters: Yukki (current age: 15) (magicless), Mai (current age 17) (water)

*Personality: Thinks of his younger sisters first, because of this incredibly cautious, and worried. He acts impulsively when under stress. It is difficult for him to make decisions because of his constant second guessing. He speaks slowly and carefully, however works to make sure there is always a double meaning in his words in case he needs to back out, a strategy that helped him in the orphanage. Normally wants to keep his youngest sister by his side or in their home in order to keep her "safe"

Element: Water

Weapon of choice: Daggers, spread through out his clothing

Occupation: Does odd jobs, protection for hire.

Side: King, he believes order is the best thing to reform the country.

Likes: Quiet, he never got enough as a child so it's what he craves. Sweets. The idea of a Utopian society.

Dislikes: Very rich food. Dirt. The Shadow class.

Habits/Quirks: Biting his lip when deciding things. Has a soft spot for some magicless. Incredibly clean to the point of obsession

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.

[list][*]Name: Rin
[*]Gender: Female
[*]Personality: Boisterous, obsessive, energetic, talkative, impulsive.
[*]Appearance: Dark, short, spiky bob. Same sharp features, round face. Skinny.
[*]Relationship with the Character: She's Maro's confidant and best friend, the only person he felt he could trust to watch his youngest sister. He felt like Rin was the only person he could trust at the orphanage.

Anything else?: Not currently.
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Elunore's Character
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