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Welcome to Alonia Hiteria! If you haven't already, please read the Rules and the Introduction before creating your character! Have fun! ~The Admins

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 Just one weird question...

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PostSubject: Just one weird question...   2013-01-08, 22:47

Regarding the character creation topic can regular users post comments to other users characters. Like how they like this character or just put a little funny comment on the character profile? Or perhaps give hints on how to make the character better? Or is this a right only for admins?
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PostSubject: Re: Just one weird question...   2013-01-09, 21:06

Hello, Niraco.

Yes, anyone is allowed to comment on the character profiles. For future reference, if you aren't allowed to comment on something, the post will be locked. Anything unlocked is free for everyine's use. ^^
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Just one weird question...
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