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Welcome to Alonia Hiteria! If you haven't already, please read the Rules and the Introduction before creating your character! Have fun! ~The Admins


 RULES - Read First

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RULES - Read First Empty
PostSubject: RULES - Read First   RULES - Read First Empty2013-01-04, 19:54

In order for you - and everyone else - to fully enjoy this forum, there are certain rules which we must all abide by.

  • Please be courteous and respectful towards the other Role-Players. Any OOC hate speech, slander, etc. will be censored out of posts by the admins.
  • Cursing is allowed, but use it in moderation in OOC posts.
  • OOC posts in the Role-Playing threads must be enclosed in either double parentheses { ((...)) } or double brackets
    { [[...]] } so that other RPers know that you are speaking and not the character.

  • To post your characters, Create a Topic that says "[your username]'s Characters" and post the completed application there.
  • Any and all characters must be Accepted by an administrator before the user may RP with him/her.
  • There is a limit of seven characters per user.
  • On the character application, anything with an asterisk { * } next to it requires at least four sentences of elaboration. More than four is wonderful, but an entire paragraph is the bare minimum.
  • Once your character is Accepted, the admin who accepted him/her will assign him/her a Colour Code that corresponds with the chosen element (or lack thereof), which will be the colour that the character role-plays in. (For example,
    [color=#99CCFF]"This is the colour you will use."[/color]
    makes "This is the colour you will use.".
  • Once a member has reached 100 posts, he/she may make an Ancient Character (see THE CONTINENT - Hiteria for a description of what these are).
  • NO MARY-SUES. I cannot explain my utter hate for Mary-Sues. (For those of you who don't know, Mary-Sues are characters who have unlimited power, are pretty and popular, etc. They're picture perfect, unrealistic, and no fun to RP with.) ***Keep in mind that this is an Anime Role-Play. Therefore, your characters are allowed to have odd hair and/or eye colours that aren't found in nature.

  • This is a literate role-play. That means that your posts should be written as if you are writing a book. Therefore, THIS
    is acceptable while THIS
    is not.
  • If you are starting the topic, you should write a few paragraphs to introduce the setting, time, and what your character is doing/thinking/feeling. When responding to a topic, you should reply with what your character is doing/thinking/feeling, along with a bit of dialogue (if the character isn't mute or something). No one-liners are allowed.
  • Do not start forum wars unless it is a role-play event. If one such event is going on, it will be posted right below the page title.
  • No godmod/power play. Power Play is when you control another person's character without their consent:
    Instead, post like this:
    Godmodding is when your character can do anything and/or is invincible/impervious to attacks:
    (I don't think I need to point out the obvious Godmodding in both of these examples.)
    You can see why these aren't acceptable, nor are they fun for both parties. So no Godmod/Power Play.

That is all I can think of, for now. If I think of any more, I'll add them.

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RULES - Read First
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